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Alexander Mitchell


Alexander was born in New York City.  He spent most of his childhood in the beautiful hills of New Jersey and loves to spend time in the pine mountains of Upstate New York.  He is a Berklee graduate and a multi-instrumentalist who plays fiddle, mandolin, guitar and has a distinguished Americana voice.

Alexander started playing fiddle in 1978 after hearing bluegrass music.  Since then he has been cultivating such diverse styles as Appalachian, bluegrass, Klezmer, traditional roots dance music, ballroom, hot swing, and jazz.


Now living outside of Frederick, Maryland, he teaches music when not traveling.  He toured nationally with the Missouri Repertory Theatre performing Woody Gutherie’s American Song.  He also appeared in and recorded music for the soundtrack of the Ted Turner movie Gettysburg, along with numerous other stage and theatrical productions.  


Alexander has performed at the Millennium Stage, the Kennedy Center, Lisner Auditorium for the “Revels,” the Birchmere, and other prestigious theaters across the country.

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