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Chris Collins

Born in the little town Wind Lake, Chris grew up in the rolling hills and hardwood forests of southern Wisconsin.  He didn’t find his musical outlet until he picked up the guitar at the age of 17.  It seldom left his side.  It opened the doors for him that had previously seemed locked.  It brought new friends and a way to express himself beyond his natural shyness.


He soon found himself playing regular shows at Milwaukee area clubs while attending the University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Soon his music took him on the road and away from the classroom.  In 2001, Chris recorded his first album, Alberta Skies and was nominated for Producer of the Year and Album of the Year.  It seemed the path was laid to an original music career.


It was the exposure from his original music that led to the chance meeting with his current band members.  A path that he could not have anticipated.  He soon found himself producing large shows at major theaters.  John Denver’s music has provided him with an opportunity to play for audiences that he only dreamed of.


Chris recently was quoted as saying, “I frequently hear fans tell me what a gift I am to them.  But the truth is, that the audience is a much greater gift to me, and we so appreciate their support.”

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