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John Denver Tribute to Play Metropolitan Theatre

Written by Alec Berry

May 1, 2013 - 06:26 AM

“I don’t go onstage and try to imitate, and I think that’s why the audience responds so well,” says Chris Collins, singer of the John Denver Tribute band Boulder Canyon. “They can sense our genuine approach to his music, and ultimately that’s what matters.”

On Saturday, May 11, 2013, Boulder Canyon will roll through Morgantown to perform at the Metropolitan Theatre on High Street. The show will kick off the band’s 2013 tour, a new attempt, Chris says, to really get out there and push celebrating Denver’s life and work.

Chris says he naturally connects to Denver’s lyrics, and when he sings his songs he feels as if he’s chatting with an old friend. “I’ve never seen many distinctions between the way I see him and the way I see myself,” he says. “When I listen to his music, those just seem to be the words that would come out of my mouth and would be very natural for me to say. I make little effort to sing his songs. It just happens.”

Of course, it should be noted that Chris holds a striking resemblance to the late singer/songwriter, and speaking with him on the phone, his voice carries that same brisk, bright tone that laces many of Denver’s recordings. He fits the part to be sure.

The local favorite “Take Me Home, Country Roads” will certainly top Boulder Canyon’s set on May 11, and while the song undoubtedly speaks for the Mountain State, it’s the track’s sensation of longing and remembrance that gives it its uncanny ability to transcend. “He wrote from a very relatable, personal place,” Chris says. “That’s what made John’s songs so striking and timeless.”

To purchase tickets for the Metropolitan Theatre show, visit or call 800.595.4849.




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