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Rocky Mountain High w/ Chris Collins and Boulder Canyon : A Beautiful Tribute to John Denver

Oh God, (the movie ) came out in 1977 featuring John Denver and George Burns, a classic to watch. But did you all get to see Chris Collins and Boulder Canyon at the Bourbon Brother’s Boot Barn and Dance Hall? So Exciting! Well, let me tell you we all have a twin in life and Chris Collins is a very close twin to the late John Denver. To see this show brought back memories of a simpler time in life and a breath of fresh air. When I hear songs from Mr. Denver, he was ahead of his time in the music. Just like Mr. Collins, he is, well let’s just say, amazing! Mr.Collins sang in front of a nice-sized crowd and truly entertained us with two sets of music and laughter.

Chris Collins and Boulder Canyon played and sang with such style and grace that it brought tears to my eyes when they sang Annie’s Song, and the story goes that John and Annie got into disagreement and John loved to ski, so he headed up the mountain ski lift and with all his emotions in his heart that by the time he reached the top of the lift, he poured his heart out to the one he loved the most and wrote this song. Wow. It’s so cool that to have someone in your life that inspires you enough to write and sing about the love you have for them.

Mr. Collins has only been doing this for about 12 years and started doing a tribute to John Denver for about 10 years now and surrounds with him with some of the most talented musicians. When I asked him how things all started, he said, “Well every time I played a gig, people would come up and ask me to play a John Denver song, so after a few times of that it was like a spiritual connection and started to perform a tribute to one and only John Denver.” Well, I am so glad that Mr. Collins choose that path and to keep the memories and the music and the tribute of John Denver.

Picture this. Close your eyes and imagine you’re in the Rockies of Colorado, and you’re having that moment with nature and to hear the clean, crisp air blowing through the pine trees. That’s how I describe Mr. Collins’s voice; that folk-country pure sound.

Mr. Collins is such a very talented musician and writer that lives here in beautiful Colorado. Born in Wisconsin, he started to pick up the guitar in his teenage days. He was influenced by the sound of John Denver. Mr. Collins stuck around after the show and meet some of his fans and signed autographs. Thank you, my friend, and travel safely.

Chris Collins and his band, Boulder Canyon, tour all over. Check out the dates below. Make sure you sign up for email and check out Chis Collins and the Boulder Canyon website,




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